jueves, 29 de enero de 2015

Chefchaouen Djellaba

The Chefchaouen Djellaba, Is totally hand made. The heavy wool is wound onto spools and then woven on wooden looms , the Djellabas are then sown and finished by hand. Chefchaouen is famous for it's djellaba, which was origionally designed for combat, therefore shorter in lenth than the taditional djellaba, giving more freedom of movement. The Chefchaouen Djellaba is also worn more baggy allowing more movement and access. Traditionally the soldier would remove one arm from the djellaba giving more access with a rifle. The traditional colors were dark Brown or striped.

A origional Chefchaouen djellaba, in the castle museum Chefchaouen.

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The Moroccan people dress in the traditional robes that have been used in Morocco for centuries.The most universally seen local garments is the djellaba, a loose-fitting outer robe that men and women pull over their garments.